This plugins section will include a list of plugins for popular 3D editors.
The plugin will allow you to download, edit and upload your shapes from within your 3D editor.

Blender Plugin

Our blender plugin will give you ShapeDo features including version managment all within the blender environment.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Open Blender, press CTRL + ALT + U and choose 'addons' tab (or file -> User Preferences)
  3. Press 'Install from file' button and select the file you just downloaded
  4. Go throw the plugins list and find the ShapeDo plugin (at bottom), enable it
  5. Plugin will be visible at the bottom left corner
  6. Connect the plugin to your ShapeDo account by pressing the settings button and insert your api key. You have a button for quick open your profile page where you can get the key from.